Sunday, 19 August 2012

approach towards CA FINAL studies

Important Points For CA Final Students

•Sequence Of Classes: Students Can First Join Either Accounts,Costing & MAFA. After that IDT & DT should be covered.
•At one time students can manage two coaching,but not more than two.
•Student who are weak in theory should join Theory Classes.
•If students are comfortable with Theory subject then they can cover Theory from Best Notes available.
•Students m
ust cover their all Coaching before 6 month of their Final exam.
•Student should take leave of 3-6months before Final exam from Office for self preparation.
•It will be better if students can revise their class notes on a regular basis.
•Students should always appear for both the groups.Only at rare case they should opt for only one group.Both group can easily be attempted .Students just need to plan well.
•Students must prepare for CA Final Exam with Full Determination & Commitments.Now it is very hard to crack CA final specially under the new Syllabus.
•After seeing the above analysis students must have understood the importance of planned &
systematic approach towards CA Final.

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